Mar 1, 2011

Oh hills, how you challenge me!

Today was a really great day.  Got some work done, and got a great run in!  My other brother, Luke, started running with us again, so we went back a week in the 10k training, so we're repeating week 3 for the second time.  

Today we ran 3.58 miles.  *Arrgh, my legs*  Oh for a slightly level place to run!  These hills and long grades are what try to take me down.  But, I kept going, and didn't stop or walk once!  After coming back and stretching a bit, my dad got home, and wanted to go biking, so we went out again.  That brought my daily mileage up to 5 miles!

Deanna at Miles to Run suggested that I do a post on what brought us to Africa, and a little bit about my life.  I guess I should get around to putting up an "About" page, heh heh.  

My family and I are missionaries for the Church of Christ, working in Iringa, Tanzania, East Africa.  We've lived here for 4 years so far, and have a 5 year commitment, though we might end up living here for an extra year or so.  

My parents are originally from California, but we moved to Iowa when I was young, so I consider myself an Iowan.  It can be interesting when people ask us where we're from and they say, "California", and I say, "Iowa" at the same time!  Yeah, we never get weird looks from that...I'm sure people are overjoyed to hear the "account of my life story" explanation!

So that's pretty much it!  If you have any questions, just leave it in the comments section!

I tried making bean burgers yesterday, and they were so good!  I liked them way better than normal meat patties.  I've never been a huge meat fan, anyway.  Instead of a bun, I put it in a homemade tortilla - yuuum!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for commenting so that I could find your amazing blog. You have the coolest life!! I am jealous!! You are doing an amazing job with running and I love your passion and love for it!! Yay for new blog friends! Have an amazing day! I am going to try that bean burger recipe!


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