Mar 2, 2011

Running Route

Hey there!  Today was a cross training day, so my brother Luke and I took a bike ride, and I brought my camera along so I could take a few pictures of where we run!

The downhill towards the beginning of our route.  It turns into an uphill at the end of our run.  Just thought I'd make that clear!

 An uphill that I actually love.  It's not super long, so I really power up it.  I like to point and laugh at it after I've reached the top, heh heh.

 A little straightaway after the hill

 A purty downhill.  The dirt is really red here!

 This is the long uphill that used to seem to take forever to run up.  It's not that bad now!

 I didn't take any more pictures until we were headed back home.  Isn't it pretty?  It's the rainy season right, so things are lovely and green.  Eeh...I'm not really looking forward to the dry season when things get brown and scrubby...

My brothers, Jacob (left) and Luke (right).  

Me after a run.  I made sure to walk in the door and take it immediately so I could preserve the crazy hair, and puffy, red, running face!

 Panya.  *happy sigh*  My little Jack Russell.  If you didn't catch it before, Panya means "mouse" in Swahili.  She's grown a bit now, and is getting spots on her back.  Please stop me before I write an essay on how much I love this dog!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your puppy is so cute! Your run looks so beautiful! I cannot wait till there is no snow where I live!

  2. Loved the pictures of where you run! We are covered in mounds of snow so the green is refreshing. Love your puppy!


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