Mar 22, 2011

Just do it

Hi everyone! Hope y'all have had a great weekend. 

I had a 4 miler scheduled for yesterday, so we got ready and headed out!  It started pouring rain just a little ways into our run.  Thankfully I has wearing a cap and sunglasses, so that really helped keep it out of my eyes!  I felt really great and strong, even though we were slogging through mud and little rivers flowing down the road (seriously).

As we were nearing our 4 mile mark, my brother Jacob said, "You know...we could always just run the 10k...".  

Me: "Yeah!"

So we decided to just do it go all the way!  It was still pouring rain, and the puddles kept getting bigger, but it still felt good, because that meant the sun wasn't beating down and making our mouths feel like cotton.

*A lake puddle covers the entire road at one point*
Me: "There's no way to get around this one.  *splash* Aw! Right when most of the water had squished out of my shoes!"

Unfortunately, my ipod decided to stop working about halfway through, and I slowed down alot while I was fiddling with it, trying to get it to work again.

Me: "Come back, don't die! What would I do without you - you're the only one I have! C'mon baby!"  (Yeah. It's alot harder for me to run without music...)

I finally just put it away, and adjusted to running without it, concentrating on getting back up to my speed. The Pod is working now, thankfully!

FINISHED! Excited to have done it without stopping or walking once!

Hmm...I wonder if there's any way to photoshop some mascara into this picture

The final time and distance!

Our shoes drying out in front of the fan!


  1. Great job! Wow someone has big feet! ;)

  2. Great run!!! Weather can make running very interesting ;)


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