Mar 8, 2011

Bath day

Today we gave our German Shepherds, Don and Axe (don't laugh, they were already named when we got them!) baths.  Ew.  Don's like one of those shag carpets that catch a bunch of dirt and other mysterious substances, and moves them so far into the rug that no matter how much you vacuum, you can never get out again.

"Oof.  That's cold."

"I did not ask for this!"

Panya kept busy by sniffing and barking at the other dogs, trying to figure what was going on

Axe wasn't impressed

Drip, drip, drip...

 "Are we almost done?"

This is what I felt like on my run today.  All my feeling great days caught up with me!

But running is still fun!

How was your workout today?
Do you have any pets? 


  1. I love the new header. The giraffe photo is the best!

    We had a German Shepherd for 10 years. She passed away in 2008 and every time I see another one it brings back all the wonderful memories of her. I enjoyed looking at the dog washing photos. They made me smile.

    My workout today was fantastic. Still on the treadmill...we're under a winter storm watch for more snow tonight.

    Enjoy your beautiful scenery!

  2. Lindsey! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I love your puppies!! I have a golden named Cooper--my fur baby!


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