Mar 17, 2011

Accent Vlog's the accent vlog I made. *covers face with hands*  I almost chickened out and didn't post it, heh heh.

Aah!  Don't be too scared by that first frame.  Never mind - you can be.  I am!

Someone once told me they recognized my accent as from being from Iowa.  Wha?  I suppose maybe Iowans have weird nasally accents and have strange words for the TV remote like "Flipper" (That's supposed to be a movie about a dolphin...!). 

Thanks for watching!

Does anybody else think their own voice sounds weird when they hear it?


  1. Ha! As a Nebraskan myself, you sound pretty darn "normal" to me! :)

  2. Thnk you for your sweet comments Lindsey--they make my day!!


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