Apr 30, 2011

We're back

Oh yeah. We went on a run this afternoon!  The Guys got back from their trip safe and sound on Friday night, after a long long, rough drive.  They brought some goodies back from Arusha, too! 

There are no grapes in the stores whatsoever here in Iringa, and in Arusha they cost about $7-$15 for a little bunch of them - So when we lived in Arusha we pretty much never ever got them, and we couldn't get them at all here even if we tried.  Grapes are my favorite fruit in the world!  Dad got me a little carton and brought them back.  What a huge treat!  I just about teared up.  It's the huge little joys in life, people!

Did anyone else watch the Royal Wedding?  I didn't watch it live, but I watched all the videos they put up. It was beautiful!

Anyway, back to our run.  We were feeling strong enough to get out there and try it out!  It was a little disappointing, because after weeks and weeks of no running, and leg muscles feeling atrophied in spite of my jump roping efforts, it feels a bit like we're starting all over.  

 -But, it felt incredible to get back out there - We started with a 2 miler.  Going up the hills, my legs definitely didn't feel as strong...I guess laying flat on the couch for two weeks doesn't do much for the ol' thigh muscles.  Also, we're still dealing with some deep chest congestion, so that made breathing a bit more difficult.  (If you think I've used up all of my excuses, don't worry - I have more.)  But really, I think it'll all come back fairly quickly!

Thanks so much for those of you who are new followers, and to all of you who keep coming back!

What's something great that's happened for you this week?


  1. I agree! going over hills after not running for a while is TOUGH. way to go on your run though :)

    something great that happened this week: running with my friends this morning as they finished their first 5k! it was awesome!

  2. Oh bless your heart!!!! I wish I could snail mail you some grapes but they would be rank by the time they got to you for sure!

    Great job on the run, the thing is to just get out there and do it so YAY for you and the brothers :)

  3. Getting flowers from work! That was pretty sweet of them. :)


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