Apr 28, 2011

Good intentions

I had good intentions of doing a post day before yesterday. And yesterday. Heh heh. Hi. 

Mum and I have been having a fun time while the guys are gone, and we've been eating on alot more fruits and veggies than we're normally able to, and it's been wonderful.  Combine that with the fact that we don't have a big pile of dishes to wash over three times a day, and I'd say we're having a preeetty good time! Well, and that we've been staying up late every single night.  I think the dark circles under my eyes are taking over my face.

Anyway, the last couple of days workouts have been jumping rope. It's my go-to form of cardio when I can't get out to run.  But boy...I miss running, alot:

 "Hmm...maybe I should sit on the couch and eat peanut butter instead"

"No, we can do this, be firm!"
And after it's all over with, how I love it! (My face isn't actually glowing. It's the light from my window and using photobooth, okay thanks)

So, even though I at first semi-dreaded the thought of jumping rope again, I did it for 35 minutes today! The fact that I did while watching an episode of I Love Lucy helped matters.  After a shower and some water, I felt like a new person!

The other day I ended up blog hopping, and I found alot of new blogs that I'm going to love following! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have dogs to feed, and corn on the cob to eat! 

Do you have a go-to exercise when you can't do your activity of choice?
Yep, jumping rope!
What's your least favorite? 
 Doing squats are actually my least favorite thing to do, I think.  They're not particularly hard, but so monotonous, I just hate doing them.


  1. I hate hate hate squats and lunges, but they are really effective!!

    I like jumping rope for a change!!! I just bought a new rope and its much easier to manage!

  2. When I can't do my choice workout I usually look at the gym schedule to see if there is ANYTHING close to the time to go and work out. I can't say there is any class I hate, just those I prefer more than others.

    Hated Exercise: I hate doing bicep anything but that is because I have sad strength in my arms but I am working on it! You would think I would be the hulk because my child weighs 30 lbs but not so....sigh

  3. I am so impressed with your jump rope ability! I am pretty uncoordinated. I would say my go to workout is either a workout DVD or the elliptical. I kind of hate doing any one machine at the gym for too long though...I get bored.

  4. I used to jump rope a lot as cross training for running. Now I belong to a gym I don't very often, but it is such an easy exercise you can literally do anywhere!

  5. Way to jump rope! I don't think that would even cross my mind when I can't run, mostly because I don't know if I could handle the thought of doing it for that long! I have used it as intervals before, but it is way tougher than you would think? You just think of like when you were 12 skipping rope. Ha! Way to go!


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