Apr 24, 2011

Random ramblings and pictures

I hope you all had an incredible Easter filled with lots of fun and food! I appreciate all the comments on my last post - I loved hearing what y'all had planned, and all the candies you love.

The Guys left early this morning to go to Arusha to take care of some business.  It's about a 16 hour drive up there, so they have a looong way to go.  That means it's just Mum and me here this week.  Heh heh, so long, Boys, I'm gonna miss ya.  Okay, so I will, they're great - But I foresee some major salad and vegetable eating this week!  They eat very heartily, and love meat, and...well...us girls don't, so it's nice to have a week here and there where I can pretend that I'm a rabbit.

Saturday I decided that I would jump some rope for an hour.  But I guess being sick for two weeks has really taken the starch outta me, because I wasn't able to make it an hour.  I did squeak out 30 mins, though, and after adding a bit of ab work, I called it quits.  I'm going to have to work back up to my pre-sickness level.  Oh well, you always do what you can!  The very best way to get discouraged and down is to have an "all or nothing" attitude. "I can't run at the moment, so I'll just sit here and slack off doing anything until I can".  Wrong.  The best thing to do is just do what you can! Whether that's yoga, pilates, jumping rope, or whatever else you like to do.

I said that I was going to do a really random picture post.  Well, here it is!

  Last time we were visiting the States, we went to a small bluegrass festival.  Luke loves bluegrass.  We even got to see Tony Rice (complete with his nasty little "I got caught in the garbage disposal" ponytail...)!  He's a bluegrass legend, you should look up him playing Shenandoah.  It was alot of fun!
This is my sister, Julia, at her bridal shower.  Isn't she the cutest?  I also tried to convince her to wear that crown for the whole thing, but...she wouldn't. Humph.

 This is us at her wedding - Tear.

 Just a little icin'.

 The huge rhino beetle that was outside our back door the other day.  Jake put his thumb there to show how big it is.  I guess I should take a picture of a ruler and Jake's thumb to show you how big his thumb is.  It's big.  And yes, he used his thumb, because I didn't want to put mine that close to it.  Carry on.

Me and my Mum!

And Ryan - he's the same baby as in the picture in my last post.  See how big he is?! *Wail*

Any fun plans for this week?
Any not fun plans for this week?


  1. You and your sister look so alike--and you're both beautiful!
    Great attitude about not getting down about the lack of running and seeking out an alternative.

  2. I am amazed you can jump rope for that long....good grief that is a LONG TIME!

    Love the random pictures, you should see me with my icing it is really pretty silly lol, bags of corn and peas all over me!

  3. such cute pics of you and your fam!!

    and you are intense for being able to jump rope that long...I usually cannot even make it 5 minutes. haha. But I am super uncoordinated!

    Plans this week are to start up classes again on Wed...boo. But only 1.5 months till summer break :)

  4. YOu and your family are so beautiful!! Can I be photgenic like you?! WOW!

    Have a great week Lindsey!!

  5. I love seeing family resemblances, cute pics!

  6. I'm such an all or nothing person. I need to take a lesson from this. And seriously? Jumping rope for 30 minutes is great! I loved all your pictures. What a gorgeous family!

  7. Ryan is such a cutie patootie! Bugs...yuck! Scream my guts out. :/ Love bluegrass man's pony! Cute sister pics.

  8. Hey Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to get getting to know you and your blog!


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