Apr 10, 2011

Week 1

Hola bloggy friends!  Week one of half training  is complete!  Well, except for our Sunday short easy run of two miles.  Jacob isn't feeling great, and has a fever, so we're not going out today.  Hmm, might do some Pilates in a bit though so I don't feel like a complete Sunday afternoon couch potato...?

So here's a quick overview of workouts this week:

Monday: 40 minutes of strength\stretch training. Pilates arm and stretch workout, followed by ab ripperx.

Tuesday: 2 mile run - first run in our official half training! 

Wednesday: Lower body and arm work, with ab ripperx

Thursday: About 2 mile run - Luke's shin splints started acting up, so didn't go as far. Jacob and I did some splits as well.

Friday Pilates arm segment, stretching, and ab ripper. Yes I am working on my noodle arms, and we try to do ab work on our off days. 

Saturday: 3 mile run. Slower time, because we had to do the hills and those slow me down, but maintained a steady, strong pace, so still happy with it!

We're probably going to have to switch our long Saturday runs to Friday, because we are beginning a Saturday afternoon class with the ladies from Church, so won't be able to run then.  It should work out fine!

I'm still a bit scared about our half training.  I'm not worried about getting injured; I'm extremely serious about stretching, no matter how long\short the distance.  I even sometimes ice because the terrain is often uneven where we run.  Almost anything to keep from possibly getting injured!  

I'm a bit scared because...it's a long distance, and progresses fairly quickly.  When we were training for our 10k, it seemed like it had us running 2 milers every single run, and took forever to build up to the 10k.  Great for building your base, but sometimes frustrating and boring.  That won't be a problem now, though!  If I have trouble with a particular week, I know we can repeat it - it's just a little fear of the unknown distance.

I think that before too long, I'm going to do a nice picture post for you all.  Heh heh.  Now you have time to mentally prepare.  Until that time, here's a little comic for ya!

 I think this applies to way too many women!

Aaaalso, remember.....!


  1. Looks like a great week exercise-wise. Congrats on the first week of marathon training!
    (That comic is too true...sad, isn't it?)

  2. I am scared about training for anything to...it is like once you are committed in your mind to it something else in the universe could go wrong. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!

    The stretching is something I am definitely going to be more diligent about. I know I need need need to do it but it is so hard to squeeze it in for some reason. I am already icing like everyday...I feel like a freak of nature because I don't run that far or that fast but better safe than sorry!!!

    Have a great week, let us know how the training progresses for sure :)

  3. You are so balanced with your exercise!!!! I am inspired!

    This last picture is AWESOME!! I freaking love the saying Lindsey!

    For half training, take your long runs slow. Time on your feet is important at the beginning, then you can work on getting faster, but that's what midweek runs are for!

  4. I'm so excited for your training! You're so smart to ice everything as a precaution and to stretch so much. Injury prevention might take time but it's so much better than trying to heal them after the fact.
    I loved your reasons for running. They're very similar to mine. And I hope you and your little one get feeling better!
    And I couldn't help but laugh at the comic strip. Our poor men.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my new blog!! I am so excited to find another blogger training for a half. Well, technically I'm not training yet, but soon enough. I look forward to reading more from you. :) Good luck.



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