Oct 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout: 30 Day Shred + extra cardio and abs

Before I hop right in to my three things...my boots came and they're waiting for me at my grandparents house!  We leave in less than 4 weeks now - how crazy.  It's going to be so good to see my family.  Have I mentioned I miss my sister?! People used to ask all the time if we were twins, but we're actually five years apart.  (That means I'm going to look like an old woman long before my time. Ugh.)  It stinks not to be able to just send her a text or call whenever I feel like it.

Ok, so down to business...

1.  I was going to do some cooking for supper, and I had to open a new package of flour.  "...Oh, hello weevils! Let me sift you out." (We can't buy new flour, etc. every time we find bugs in it, or we'd never have any flour at all)

"No charge for the extra fiber"

2.  The guys got a call from the game officer here asking for help to take down a couple of hippo not far from here, so this evening the boys are out doing that.  Hippo is very good meat! I'm not a meat lover by any means, but it doesn't have the slightest hint of a strange taste.  It's tastes almost exactly like pork, but maybe even more mild.  

Also, I do have a Dad.  I never have pictures of him on the blog because he doesn't like his picture taken, but I was able to convince him to let me take one. Lookin' good in the camo, Dad!

3.  Now that I've been doing the Shred, my biceps have been getting pretty big...I might even have to cut back on it.  See what I mean?

Bahaha, sorry - I'm easily amused. I'm crackin' up over here. {clears throat}

Cooked up anything good lately?
Do you use workout dvds at all?


  1. hahahaha that pic is hilarious!! Hippo? Ill have to put that on the bucket list to try!

  2. YES that picture is great!! :)

  3. Hahahahaha! Linz... :D I love you so much... :)

  4. just getting a call to go kill some hippo? what's that like? crazy! ;)

    bwhahaha! you are so great!

  5. Did I tell you that my grandparents use to live in Africa? They were missionaries when I was a little girl in the Congo? They lived there for about 10 years. Their whole entire house now is filled with things they brought back!

    I can't imagine eating hippo. I'm such a wuss. But, if it's good....maybe :)

  6. That pic is SO FUNNY!!!! Crazy bicep.

    I made a mean pasta salad last weekend. I'm terrible in the kitchen. TERRIBLE.

    Get Up & Go

  7. That last picture is great! Love it!

  8. hahahaha! love that last pic. BUFF for sure!

  9. Hmmm...I'm not sure how I didn't know about this blog. My brain has been off and on m.i.a. I guess. It is so cute! I love getting to hear about your all's life.

    Love you sweet girl!

  10. Ha, ha, we photoshoped a pic of my boys w/ muscles...funniest thing ever. They laughed for days. Weevles..gross! Sorry you have that problem. Jessica


  11. I want to try some of the workout dvds, but sadly, it would be a workout just to move all the furniture in our apt to have the space to workout! One day...

  12. That picture really scared me at first. I jumped.


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