Oct 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout: 30 Day Shred, level 2

Alrighty, I'm takin' the plunge with the Three Things Thursday.  Hopefully it won't turn into Things-you-wish-you-didn't-waste-your-time-reading Thursday, heh.

1.  I've been wanting a pair of cowgirl boots for quite a a while and saw this pair a long back.  I finally ordered them today so they will be waiting for me when we get to my grandparents house in 5 weeks.  Good thing I just went ahead and ordered them because there was only one pair left in my size!  They'll go great with either jeans or a skirt\dress.  Tell me what you think...

2.  My mom and are I are starting to do some cooking to stock the freezer so the guys will have some ready made food for while we're gone. I made a couple of quiches to stick in there - impressively enough, we managed to actually put them in the freezer instead of having one for supper that night.  

While we're away, we don't want the boys to go by Red Green's (anyone out there know who he is?) motto: "The two main food groups are meat, and salt!"

3.  Random gross story.  We have some strawberry plants in our backyard, and every evening I go out to water them.  Since we try to conserve as much water as possible, I usually water them with the dogs' water.  A bunch of birds also like to use the dogs' water bowl for their birdbath\toilet.  One evening I had finished watering the plants when I noticed a tiny, perfect red strawberry.  I checked to see if it had a bunch of dirt on it - nope - so I ate it.  It was only afterwards that I realized it didn't have dirt on it because I'd just rinsed it with the dog\bird water. Gag.  Now I probably have the bird flu.

Like boots in fall weather? What's your favorite fall accessory?


  1. I love boots, scarves, and cardigans for the fall!! Oh and leggings. Obsessed with leggings. Mostly because they are stretchy and are the closest normal people clothes that resemble workout clothes!

    That strawberry story just made me laugh. You are too funny! I'm sure you will be ok though!

  2. I have a pair of cowboy boots that I normally wear in the winter. I like them but sometimes I think they make me walk funny. I dunno. Maybe just me.

    I would have eaten that strawberry too! They're so tempting to look at and not eat.

  3. L-O-V-E the boots!!

    hahaha! you're so funny! that sounds like something i would do. ;D

  4. 1. LOVE the boots!

    2. How thoughtful you guys are! I just let Tripp scrounge for his own when I am gone!

    3. yuck!! I would probably do the exact same though...

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE boots and those ones are too cute! eeeeek about the strawberry story!! haha...i would have completely spaced it as well though and just popped it right in my mouth!

  6. Love the boots Linz! They are cute! :)

    Favorite thing for winter?...a hoodie and socks! :D

  7. Those boots are perfect. If I were to decide to make the big splurge on boots, I'd get a similar pair... just haven't gotten around to getting a pair yet, but it's on the list.

    That would take a lot of self-restraint of my part NOT to eat the freezer food before putting it in the freezer :)

    Hope you don't get sick from the bird/dog water!

  8. I do like the idea of a three things thursday - it covers a lot in a shorter amount of space and you can always go back and expand if you wanted to! I LOVE YOUR BOOTS! If you ever come to Texas, PLEASE bring them and let me know and we can go out in them! Boots are sorta standard around here.

    Bird/dog water... GROSS!! But totally hilarious.. haha!!

  9. I love the boots! I have a pair of cowboy boots and I always wear them. They last forever!


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