Oct 10, 2011

Granny Bikes 101

Workout: 6 mile bike ride + ab work

Some things just make the start to your week that much better...

Like pretty flowers...

Doggie whiskers...

A Sweet Pea candle making a room smell good...

...and going biking with the bro-man.  Let me introduce you to our bikes!  

That is the one that I use.  It's sturdy and well built - you can cycle along at breakneck speeds without having to worry.

Occasionally, though, I find myself humming Doe, a deer...

This is Jake's bike! Slightly more modern and aerodynamic, you can feel confident even doing cool tricks like The Superman.

{The neighborhood kids got *such* a kick out of this)

A great Monday, and biking mission accomplished!  I seriously do love our bikes. And my brothers. 


  1. i was seriously laughing out loud reading this post! loved it lindsey! y'all are hilarious.
    great pictures!
    p.s. i can just imagine the giggles from the neighborhood kids while watching jake do his superman move ;)

  2. I miss you! I need some entertainment - come see your grandmother!

  3. OY! I love Jake's "smolder". I can't wait till I can go again.

  4. How fun! I'll bet all the kiddos watching have a blast. What a great way to get to know them, I bet they think you all are wonderful!!

  5. aaahahah great bike photos.

    AND love sweet pea candles. YUM!

  6. hahaha! love the bike photos! so fun! and that pup...cant get enough!

  7. Your dog is adorable! And...planking on a bike?! That's serious skillz!

  8. That bike trick is sweet! I kept looking at it wondering how I could do that without eating pavement.

  9. Hahaha! Oh Jake... I love him. You guys are pretty impressive, there! (And I love Luke's *smolder* comment. Bahaha!) I love you, sweetest.

  10. You always have the best pictures! And I love that you have a brother to be silly with! I'd be singing that song in my mind too!

  11. Oh me oh my! Super di duper pictures! Jake is both impressive, and cracking me up at the same time.

    Love you all!


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