Oct 3, 2011

I'm rich!

Time escapes me! It seems go to by so fast, and yet so slow at the same time.  Sometimes it seems like the day won't end, and then before I know it the week is over, and that blog post I was going to do three+ days ago never happened.  I think I need a posting schedule.  Maybe a Triple Tangent Tuesday, or something else that starts with the same letter (obviously that's a must).

Anyway, even though I haven't posted too much lately, I'm on my way to becoming one of the big bloggers.  You better hold on, you guys.  I earned a whole 17 cents from Foodbuzz.  That's right.  Keep your eyes peeled for my blog to be featured in a magazine soon!

Remember this post about Folic Acid? Well, I thought I'd give y'all an update.  Most of my diet consists of vegetables, but I guess there was still some things lacking in it.  The biggest symptom I had was insomnia. Bad. (Another symptom is paranoia, but I blame that on watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds...)  This is the girl who never used to be woken by a huge thunderstorm, and could sleep in any bed as well as her own - aka, insomnia, what's that?  Now that I've been taking supplements, I don't really have it.  It could be coincidence, but I'm going to keep taking the supplements just to be safe.  You could see my dark circles coming from miles away!

That picture reminds me of the time when I used eye shadow to fake a black eye and briefly tried to convince my dad that my sister had done it.  Of course he didn't believe me since that was not likely, but it looked real enough to make him think I actually had a black eye for a few minutes.  "Just joking, Dad - look, hahaha!" I don't think he thought it was quite as funny as I did. Hmm.

I actually haven't done much running lately. Since we got back from Malawi, my schedule and Jake's have been a bit different, so I've been trying to do other things until things are so that I can jump back in again.  We were able to go for an 8 mile bike ride this afternoon, and it felt fabulous to get out and get moving!

My mom and I have started doing the 30 Day Shred.  I found out that it is true - it makes you do more when you feel like Jillian is standing over you telling you that your last pushup wasn't deep enough.  I was reaching up to do my hair the other day when I realize a strange swelling on my arm.  I was about to call an ambulance when I realized it was just my bicep that had grown. False alarm!

I smell popcorn, and I need to go check it out.

Ever played a great practical joke on someone? What was it?
Do you have insomnia?


  1. yes! i have had insominia manyyyy times! not fun :(
    enjoy the popcorn! hope it's extra buttery:)

  2. bwhahahaha! you make me happy, lindsey. ;)

  3. You are rich, a whole 17 cents, woohoo! The google blogger keeps asking me if I want to monetize but I just don't understand how that all works, so I'm holding off. Good to know that I'm not missing out on making a fortune...

    Popcorn, yum. I like making freshly popped air popcorn. And maybe putting a little parmesan cheese on it.

    And I was just thinking the other day how time has been speeding by. But then other times it seems to stand still.

  4. too cute! I can't get the food buzz thing to work for me...I have this foodieblogroll one that gives me nada...but in the last 6 or 7 months I have been blogging, I have made like 5.80 with Google hahaha....

    i love kettlecorn popcorn...mmmm

  5. haha. yeah. i usually make like $1 from foodie blogroll. awesome. enough for a soda i guess so that keeps me happy :) i am SO terrible at jokes...people always know or figure them out! ha!

  6. HAHA this post cracks me up!!! The ambulance bit really made me laugh out pretty hard. Hooray for your victory cash! How did you get paid for doing that exactly? Glad to see you're back on the posting scene :)

  7. You are so FUNNY! I love this post. $.17 .....WOW! You are rich....Are you at least rich new friends you've met from blogging? I know....silver lining....

    Nice "false alarm!" I want a "false alarm" now too.

    Get Up & Go


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