Oct 8, 2011

Pms Pizza and the Grillmaster

We've decided to cut way back on our sugar intake, so to celebrate our new lifestyle change, I made an insane dessert.  Enter chocolate dessert pizza.

I mixed up a super easy recipe for sugar cookies, rolled it out like I would pizza dough and cooked it.  Then I spread hot fudge on the still warm crust, sprinkle coconut on as the "cheese", then added a few mint chips and crushed peanuts.  Since I used hot fudge instead of nutella for the "sauce", I stuck it in the freezer so it would keep firm.  This was so good.  I think the proper name for it is PMS Pizza.  You can use fudge like I did and eat it cold from the freezer, or if you use nutella, you can eat it warm and melty!

Chocolate dessert pizza:
- 1 crust
- Nutella or chocolate spread for pizza "sauce"
- Add any toppings you'd like

Luke and I teamed up to make supper tonight.  We had philly cheese steak wraps and fresh pineapple, and it was delicious! I made up some tortillas, and Luke cooked up the meat and made a special sauce.

I was wearing an apron and told Luke that he should wear one, too.  

And there he is - the grillmaster himself! Luke blogs over at All Things Manly, and you should probably head over there to check it out.  Right after this picture, I said "Okay, now take one of me for the blog!", but then my camera died.  That's probably a sign of some sort.  

Like chocolate? Ever get cravings for it?
Yes, and yes. 

If you cook, do you like doing it alone, or with other people?
I'm usually a solo cooker\baker, but sometimes it's fun to team up and crank some music!

Oh, and look who's cute as a button!
We've had these sheets ever since I was like 5 - I love them because that means now they're the softest sheets in the world.  
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  1. This looks incredible!! I usually cook/bake solo, but it's so fun when I have company too.

  2. I think I went into a sugar coma just looking at your pizza! Your dough pic made me giggle.

  3. Wow...thanks for making me start foaming at the mouth, Linz! Heh heh!

    I love cooking either way! Sometimes it's nice to be alone in my own lil' world, but I agree -crank the music with your siblings! :)

    Panya is too cute! :)

  4. Oh...my...goodness! that dessert looks fabulous! i am definitely going to have to try that one. :)

    bwhahaha! loved the apron pic. aw man! i wanted to see you in one too!

    do i have cravings for chocolate? is that even a question?! ;) YES, i sometimes have cravings for chocolate. he he

  5. dude. that pizza looks insanely yummy. you go girl. :)
    totally craking up about the pic of luke. love it.

  6. That pizza looks insane!! Want to send me some virtually??? Holy yum. I could honeslt live off nutella. It is banned from my house at the moment! Your dog is so cute, by the way! Peek-aboo! You can send him/her? virtually too if you want!

  7. Yummmm, that pizza looks delish! Perfectly named as well. :)

  8. I really like this blog, Linz! Love hearing about your life and your lovely days with your family. love you,


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