Jul 28, 2011

Your questions answered!

Today was a really good day, complete with a super run! We went on a new route and did a 4.4 mile trail run. The entire way out is uphill, and it is tough for me.  But the view and scenery is so beautiful, it's worth it! Plus, even though things are hard and we might hate it at the moment, we often find ourselves doing that very thing as soon as possible, right?!

Thanks to all of you who had questions! Let's see if I can give y'all some answers...

Vanessa@GourmetRunner asked: "What is your plan for the future? How did you end up in Tanzania, and how long will you plan to stay there? 

We had visited Africa before (although not Tanzania specifically) and wanted to do mission work here.  We met people who had connections here, and everything worked out for us to come, so here we are!  We made a 5 year commitment, which is up in April, so we're planning on moving back to the States sometime next year.  Plans aren't set in stone yet, but the guys will get jobs, go to school, etc., and I'll still be around helping and working at whatever I can.  I definitely want to nanny, though!

Neon Blonde Runner asked:  "How many countries have you lived in"

That would be two - I've only lived in the U.S. and Tanzania.

Julia@PainPrideandPerseverence asked: "Where have you lived and where do you hope to live in the future? What is your favorite activity to do with Panya? What is your favorite hike?

My parents grew up and lived in California, so we lived there when I was small, but then we moved to Iowa where we spent all our time before moving to Africa a few years ago.  We're trying to work things out to move to Tennessee (anyone in Blogland live there?), but we're not sure if that will work out quite yet.

My favorite activity to do with Panya would probably be cuddling.  I mean, everything's better when you have a little pup snuggled up by you.  But she also LOVES to play fetch and tug of war...she could do it all day long!


My favorite hike would probably be this one.  The view was so gorgeous, and the hike was fun!

Coy@FirstInPhilly asked: "Are you running towards any race?"

Since there aren't any races whatsoever around here, I'm trying to build up a solid mileage base, and then work on speed. I suppose it's a race aganst myself since I'm always trying to beat my best times, though!  But I'm so excited to do a "real" race when we move back to the States!

Rachel@RachelInRealLife asked: "What do you miss most about living in the U.S? What has been your most amazing experience in Africa so far? Scariest?

What I probably miss most about living in the U.S. is seeing friends and family...when you're so far away from everybody you hope they're not forgetting about you! :)  It's hard sometimes not being able to just pick up the phone and give a ring or send a text.

Wow, these two are a bit hard!  The most amazing experiences I've had have been working with my family trying to share the Gospel (which thankfully you can do anywhere!), but also just living in such a different place and society.  When everyday life and culture is so different than what we think of as normal, it's hard to pinpoint just one thing.  But assisting with a home birth is waaay up on the list!

The scariest thing?  That is a really tough one.  It doesn't have necessarily do with being in Africa itself, but Jacob and my Dad were just driving outside of Arusha one day, when they were hit from behind by a Greyhound size bus.  It sent them flying off the road, and flipped the Land Cruiser (which was completely and totally wrecked).  Besides bad bruises and a broken rib, they weren't really hurt, which is amazing, because looking at the Cruiser you wondered how they were even alive.  In the moments when I didn't know if they were okay, or even alive were the scariest moment of my life.
I did get malaria, which was NOT fun.  We were able to get medicine and once it was treated I was totally fine, but when I was in the middle of feeling like I was about to die - the fever and not being able to even stand without vomiting - was a bit scary.

Danielle@DEM asked: "If you could have one...what would your superpower be? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being chill as a icycle and 10 being sweating like an inferno, how nervous were you delivering that baby?!"

Hmm...I think I'd probably choose super speed, muahaha.  Or invisibility...that would be pretty cool.

I wasn't as nervous since I was only assisting at the birth, but the labor was progressing perfectly without any trouble whatsoever, so I'd probably be a 2 or 3 on the Stressometer!

Thanks again to everyone who asked questions!  I do have a post all ready that may involve soft pretzels...and if you ask if I like those, the answer is yes.

Have you done a Q&A post yet?
If you haven't, get on it!
If you had to, would you rather live without sweets or bread?
It would be slightly painful to be sweet-less, but I just couldn't leave bread behind...I have a piece of toast for breakfast almost every morning.  
I hope this scenario never happens.


  1. Great answers! I really commend you on the mission work you guys chose to take on - that is huge!

    I would have to go bread-less...I did it for a couple of months and didn't miss it too much, but sweets - I crave those every 20 minutes :)

  2. loved this. sweets! I could give them up forever, but man I cant give up bread

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone's questions so that we could all learn more about you! I could give up sweets before I give up bread. I love bread! I always crave salty stuff before I do sweets anymore. As a kid though I loved sweets.

  4. Loved all your answers. It was great getting to know you better. I can't believe you got malaria. Scary. I think I could give up bread before sweets. Pretty sad.

  5. I would have to go breadless--I couldn't live without my sweets!
    So interesting, thanks for all the answers. And---I live 20 minutes from the Tennessee border!

  6. this was fun and I enjoyed getting to know more about you! my fam lives in KY so if you moved to TN I would totally visit you on one of my visits home :) That hiking pic is one of the most amazing that I have ever seen!

  7. Thanks for answering my question :)

    Loved learning a bit more about you. I'm only a state or two away from Tennessee when you get back to the US!

  8. i love hearing more about you! and I think you should totally go to Tanzania!!!!


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