Jul 23, 2011

Q&A, and an anniversary

I've loved all the Q&As going on around blogland lately, and was excited when I was tagged to do one!

So ask away - now is your chance to ask all those questions that you've been dying to know the answers to!  Questions about Panya are also welcome. Because she's so cute.

Today is my sister and BIL's one year anniversary!  The ceremony was in the evening, and little lanterns lined the aisle she walked down.  

We'd shared a room all our lives, and knowing that from then on we'd be separated - and separated by an ocean, no less...that night was one of the loneliest nights of my life.  I am so thankful, though, that God blessed her and Lee more than I ever thought.  They're perfect for each other and are so happy!  Right now they're on their way to Tennessee where Lee will be attending preaching school.
Happy Anniversary!

I've been working on designing my Mom's blog - she was using blogger, but switched to Wordpress.  Wordpress definitely isn't as user-friendly as blogger is, but it has alot of options. 


Ask whatever questions you have in the comments!
Do you have siblings? Are you close?  


  1. I have LOTS of siblings (all younger): 1 sister, 2 brothers, one half sister, and three step-siblings! I get along with them, although we live all around the world so I don't see them as much as I would like to.

    Questions: what is your plan for the future? How did you end up in Tanzania, and how long will you plan to stay there?

  2. OOH my goodness, you did such a great job on your mom's blog, that header is beautiful.

    You also look super pretty in that photo with your green dress on!

    Question: How many countries have you lived in?

  3. Weeell...How about, how do you manage to always be so cute? ;)
    :D Love you!

  4. ohhhh! i miss my siblings so much. my brother and i are super close and he is getting ready to move to nebraska. i am so excited for him but it just means that we will be in 3 different states. :(

    questions: Where have you lived and where do you hope to live in the future?

    What is your favorite activity to do with Panya?

    What is your favorite hike?

  5. how cute, happy anniversary sis! And wordpress is hard. I had no idea how to work, still don't!

  6. I don't have any brothers and sisters but I wish I did! My husband has two sisters but they're kinda like Cinderella's sisters :( booooo!

    Are you running towards any race?

  7. I have one sister and we are super close!

    What do you miss most about living in the US?

    What has been your most amazing experience in Africa so far? Scariest?

  8. Panya is ADORABLE and your mom's blog is looking great! How nice of you to design it for her!

  9. Ugh I am so slow at commenting!! I am so excited about this game!!

    hmmm....if you could have one...what would your superpower be?

    on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being chill as a icycle and 10 being sweating like an inferno, how nervous were you delivering that baby?!


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