Jul 11, 2011

Distance PRs

I've gotten some new followers lately, so if that's you, welcome! I have already been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs, which has been great, but leads to a slight attack of the hair horns.  What does hair horns have to do with anything?

Just reading blogs shouldn't give you hair horns, right?

This is me. Reading your blog. 

The fact that I usually do it like this is the problem

 A word of advice: don't leave your hair in a towel for an hour, or else you'll end up being mistaken for Albert Einstein's twin. Or Willy Wonka.    

Last week was a huge milestone for me, because it was a distance pr.  Yes, I realize that 7 miles is just a walk in the park for most of you, but the farthest I'd previously gone was 10k.  My "long run" for last week ended up being 7.18 miles.  This was so exciting, because I never would've dreamed that I would be able to run that far.  A few months ago running 3 was a huge accomplishment for me - something I never thought I would hardly be able to do.  For the next few weeks, each week will be a new distance PR!

Next month we'll be making a trip to Malawi to do some Bible teaching, and I've been working on a lesson to teach some girls.  We actually went there 5 years ago, and that was the first time I'd ever been to Africa.  I'm excited to go back and see the people, and also see how my perspective has changed in the time that we've lived here since then.  Anyway, my lesson is almost finished, and I think it will be really good!

What's something you've been excited about?
Are you training for a race? 

Also, give me your opinion on the new header!  


  1. great job on your distance PR, super exciting!

  2. congrats on your PR distance!! woohoo. thats a big step.
    and i can't wait to hear about the bible reading.

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!!!! so excited for you girl! distance PRs feel SO good no matter how long they are!!!! you are doing awesome in your training...way to go! I can't wait to hear more about your lesson :)

  4. I love the pictures in the new header. And--CONGRATS on the distance PR. Amazing! Gave you some love for it on my blog this morning!

  5. Yay congrats on the distance PR!! Keep at it girl, you'll be running marathons soon I'll bet. Header is wicked cute.

  6. Love your header and congrats on the PR for distance! So special! each run will be a milestone!!

  7. Great job on the PR! I remember my first run over a 10k, I was running a 15k race, and as soon as I hit mile marker 7, I started jumping up and down - my friend running with me might have thought I was psychotic.

    Nice new header photos!

    Your travels are so exciting - can't wait to hear more!

  8. Love the new header! And congrats on the distance PR. Isn't it so exciting!? ;)

  9. Love the new header! Congrats on the distance PR!!! You are a freaking rockstar girl.

  10. Awesome job on your distance!! If you'd told me a couple of years ago I'd be doing the distances I am, I'd laugh at you. It's kind of incredible what the human body can do!

  11. YAY for distance PR's!! It always feels like such an acomplishment even if it's only one more mile, because it's something you never thought you could do before! Congrats!!

    P.S. SO glad you found my blog! And now, that I've found yours I can be your stalker in return! :)

  12. hello! great job on ur Distance PR!!! yay!
    first time stopping by here. i noticed that you follow me and wanted to say hello!~

    great blog! :)

  13. That is an AWESOME PR girl. Way to go!!

  14. I'm so excited for you! Isn't it awesome building distance!? It's like a house of cards that actually stays up!

    I have crazy hair like Willy Wonka. I call it 80's hair band hair. I try to tame it in the morning but by the time I leave the house it's in a ponytail. :)

  15. Congrats on your distance! That's AMAZING!!! :)

  16. I'm loving the new header, it looks great!

    And congrats on your long runs, that's HUGE. I'm going to be hitting some "distance PRs" in the next couple months and I'm excited about it.

    Yes, the white chocolate peanut butter is so yummy :)

  17. I love the new header, very cute!! I've been meaning to do something new with mine, but I keep putting it off.


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