Jun 30, 2011

Happy birthday, Panya!

Prepare yourself.  Prepare yourself for an overload of adorable.  The 27th was Panya's (my Jack Russell Terrier) birthday.

 This is her at around 3 days old *weeping*

Her head is starting to turn brown

Panya, on the right.  She loves her naps!

"Look at how big my eyes are...does this mean we can cuddle all day long?"

 She liked to bark at the giraffes...she wanted to take them on!

So you all can see for yourselves what a cutie she is, and pretty much the best dog ever (Sorry Julia! Riley is preeeetty cute, too).  

I think this picture was made about me and Panya

She squeaks when she yawns, sometimes sleeps on her back with her legs sticking straight in the air, and could play\cuddle\sleep all day long!

Hopefully you've gotten your cute puppy fix for today.

We got in our 4 mile run in today - and I almost didn't go, because our friend\coworker\neigher is due to have her baby at any second.  We'll see if we get woken up in the middle of the night tonight!
Do you have a pet? What kind?


  1. Happy birthday Panya!!!! Cooper wishes you many milkbones and some cake too!

  2. Aww so cute! giving me a run for my money with the adorable pet birthday posts I see :) Happy BIRTHDAY, Panya!!!

  3. So adorable! That first pic got an outloud "aww" from my at the office. I have a 2 year old bunny. She's a sweetie. I WISH she liked to be held, but nope...she'll have none of it. She doesn't mind resting her head on my leg tho, so I'll take what I can get!

  4. Aww she is precious! I love puppy pics, I took like a whole roll of film when Carly was a puppy, she's my dog, she is a pekepoo.
    They are so cute as puppies and even cuter when they get older!
    Happy Birthday Panya!

  5. seriously the cutest puppy ever! obsessed! Happy Birthday Panya!!!

  6. SUPER CUTE. I do have a pet. He is a golden doodle named Grisz =)

    Have a great day!!


  7. those puppy photos are like the sweetest thing ever! if only they would stay puppies FOREVER!

  8. OMG adorable adorable adorable! I squealed at every picture :) Panya is the cutest name too, and actually in Polish (my native language) Pania which is pronounced like panya means Ms. or Lady or Madame or however you like to put it. What a pretty lady she is!

  9. Too cute! I absolutely love the name as well. Happy B-day to your cute little baby. :)


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