Jun 13, 2011

Weekly recap, and tortilla pizzas

This last week was week 2 of the half training schedule and it went really well!  

Let's take a look:
Tuesday: 2 mile run
Wednesday: 3.65 mile bike ride
Thursday: 3.25 mile run
Friday: 4 mile run
Sunday: 6 mile bike ride

A good week, but I see a real lack of strength training.  I have a 10 Minute Solution pilates dvd that I really like to do, so I'm going to try to incorporate more of that this week.  We'll see how I do on that!  

Friday, our "long" run was a 4 miler, and I loved it.  I felt so good and strong, but ran at a relaxed, easy pace.  When we got back to the house, I was sad it was over, and wished we would've run a few more miles!  I take that as a great sign!  

I'm slowly getting faster, too, which I'm super excited about!  If we would have run two more miles on Friday, I would've beat my previous 10K time by 10 minutes.  Each small victory adds up to make the big ones!

The other day I made tortilla pizzas, and I really liked how they turned out.  I made flour tortillas, rolling them out thicker than I normally would, cooked them in the pan until I got some brown spots on them, added my sauce and toppings, then baked until they were warm, and the cheese was melted!

I used some cheese, but mine mostly consisted of veggies.

I used:
 • A sprinkling of cheese and meat
 • Zucchini
 • Pineapple
 • Tomatoes 
 • Corn
 • Snow peas
 • Green pepper

Here's what the guys' pizzas looked like:

 • Cheese
 • Meat
 • Tomatoes
 • Pineapple

These were so good - I'll definitely be making them again soon.  Quick, healthy, and filling!  Would you all be interested in a recipe section?

What are your plans for this week? 


  1. Hi Lindsey! You had a stellar week of running. Are you enjoying HM training?

    those pizza's look delish and I would choose yours most definitely. Pile on the Veggies!!

  2. Those pizzas look so good and I love that you made your own tortillas! And great job on your training!
    Thanks so much for your kind words.

  3. These look amazing! You top yours like I do--mostly veggies and just a little taste of meat and cheese. Great job making the tortillas as well, I'd love to try that.

  4. MMM those looks so yummy!!!
    Good job on the training. Im so proud of you friend :)

  5. You should so start a recipe section. I am literally drooling over each picture of food you post!

    I love having a great run and just wanting to keep going! So glad your training is going well!

  6. Tortilla pizza is such a good idea!! I love pizza, and I can't wait to try out this idea for lunch sometime soon :)

  7. Your pizza looks delicious, looove the look of the corn, it looks like it's freshly cut off the cob!

    Nice work on your half marathon training. Next time you do a 10k, you're going to just crush your old time! I cut over five minutes off of my 10k time from may 2010 to april 2011, it was such a great feeling.

  8. YUM!!! those pizzas look delicious :) Awesome training this week...TEN MINUTES IS HUGE!!! you are definitely getting crazy speedy! congrats!

  9. Nice job on your training! That's awesome that you wanted to keep going after your run!

    Also, those pizzas look incredible!

  10. Please believe me when I say that my mouth was watering looking at those pics! YUM!! Yum!! YUMMMM!! Hello! You had me at the pineapple!

  11. Yum! those pizzas look delish!

    Awesome job on the half training. I love when you finally see the results, and start getting faster! Great feeling ;)


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