Feb 11, 2011

Running partners

I so wish I had my camera with me when I went running yesterday.  My brother is usually my only running partner (even though he has to tone it down for me, bless his heart!), but yesterday took the cake!

Occasionally, a little boy or two will run along with us as we go along.  These little African boys can run (plus their cute as a button!)!  They play soccer or do some physical work all day long, and in the evenings they play...soccer together.  So they actually have some pretty serious cardio ability!

Where was I?...Oh yeah.

So yesterday, we were running along, and came upon this group of boys.  There was maybe about three of them.  All the sudden one of them screams out to a nearby house [translated from Swahili into English], "Hurry, come here!  The white people are running, hurry up, Come on!".  

Suddenly we have 6 little boys running with us!  I bet we were quite a sight.  We lost one along the way (poor lil' guy), but the 5 stuck with us the entire way!

I really wish I had brought my camera along...that would've been precious.  

Week two of 10K training, almost complete!


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