May 4, 2011

[Swedish] Fishing

I was planning on doing a post yesterday, but my arms ended up being too sore from starting the 100 Push-up Challenge to type.  Hmm, okay - that's not true, but I was planning on doing a post yesterday, and my arms were sore.  

What happened today:
Push-ups: 6x1, 8x1, 6x2, 10x1.  Maybe this is why my arms ached a little while I was hefting a big bowl of cabbage salad into the fridge. 
Squats: 25x1, 20x3, 15x1
Ab RipperX: It gets me every time!

What I like about today is that doing this didn't take much time at all, but still gave a really good workout.  Even though I hate squats, I decided to add some in, and doing them in a few sets was alot better than doing 100 in one go.  It definitely broke the monotony.

We also walked all around our village for about 3 hours inviting people to a Saturday Bible study we're having at a school near our house.

We've gotten quite a few packages from people lately, and it's been wonderful!  One congregation sent us a package with yummy things like jello, pudding, and chocolate chips in it.  Since we had such an abundance of chocolate chips, of course we had to make cookies!  

The evidence:

 And still warm...

 I ate 4 of these puppies

My sister sent a box that had some of my brother's schoolbooks in it, and also in that box, she included...

We're actually saving these to take along on runs when we need to eat something.  Yeeah...she sent these before the whole "getting sick" thing that squished our mileage.  When we work back up enough to need them, they'll be here, though!

It's only 8:45p.m., and I feel like a zombie.  I have no idea why I'm so tired, but all I know is that I'll be heading to bed very soon. Yawn.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


  1. mmm Swedish fish and warm chocolate chip cookies! You are making that bagel I brought for a snack sound pretty dull ;)

  2. Care packages are the absolute best!
    I was actually born in South Africa and lived there until I was 5, I was so excited when I learned you are living in Tanzania!
    The push up challenge is AWESOME, so glad you started!

  3. I love swedish fish, I keep them in my drawer at work and also at home, I'm always getting like 6 out and then I eat those and go back for more, super yummy!

  4. YAY for 100 pushup challenge! I am starting because it says to give yourself a day off between the initial test so I am starting on my sets tomorrow LOL! I want to follow the RULZ!

    Now I want to make chocolate chip cookies mmmmm NOM!

  5. NOTHING wrong with hitting the bed early! I am the queen of that! Yum! Those cookies look good!

  6. LOVE cookies. especially homemade choc chip! delicious. I am totally feeling you. I took a nap until 5 and then was ready for bed again by 7 :) hope you get some rest :)

  7. Good luck on the push up challenge. My mom lives in Texas so I sent her one of those big candy apples in the mail...not the smartest gift for a diabetic, but she eats sugar no matter what I do or say so I decided to let her have it without the guilt this time.


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