May 28, 2011

Running, biking, and a win

First, thanks for all the comments on my last post!  I actually haven't had much of anything to blog about lately, which is why it seems I haven't for the last week, hmmm.  What a boring blogger I seem to be!

They've cut a new road along our normal running route, and when we run on it and circle around back to the house in a loop, it makes it about 3.5 miles, so we've been running and biking on that lately.  It's nice because the road hasn't had time to get really dusty or washed away to make huge craters.

I actually won a giveaway! I was pretty much floored.  My family wasn't teasing me for my giveaway entering after I won a $30 iTunes gift card from the cute girls at Always Training Trio!  Thanks girls!

Are you doing anything for Memorial Day weekend?



  1. Yay congrats on the give away win! I really want to get into biking and am hoping that my move down south will help with that - flat roads and warm weather.

    Keep posting, I love your blog. Tell us some more cool stuff about where you live, I'm so curious!

  2. Congrats on the giveaway win! Glad you have a nice new road to run on as well!
    Plans for memorial day weekend aren't too exciting--just some working on the house with my hubs!

  3. Congrats on the giveaway win!
    Memorial Day plans-- bike ride with my family on Monday, studying for finals :/, and just enjoying our nice weather (finally!!)

  4. Thanks for following my blog!

    Lets see, I ran a 5K yesterday and did alright. The cool part was that the finish was inside out local baseball stadium at home plate! Pretty cool huh! Otherwise, today was a pool today, so stinkin' hot.

  5. yay! congrats on the giveaway win! thats awesome :0 enjoy the rest of your weekend...I am hoping to just relax some and maybe get in some shopping!

  6. If I won a $30 iTunes gift certificate, I would be so happy and excited, congrats!

    I need to enter more giveaways...

    I am on vacation in Santa Fe this week and I took a weekend trip up to Durango, CO. It's absolutely gorgeous out here, I want to move out for good (I usually live in Virginia.) There was an Iron Horse bike ride festival this weekend in Durango which was super fun to watch. I also ran a 5K in Santa Fe.


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