Jan 13, 2011

New Year, New goals

New Year's happens to be a good time for assessing progress and making new\re-establishing goals.

 A few of mine are:

 Daily Bible study and prayer time.  I haven't been as good with this as I should have.  It's so easy to get "too busy" during the day, and then it's late at night and you find you haven't made time yet.  I have a new policy that no matter how late it is - I'LL STILL DO IT.  None of this, "It's really late, I'm super tired...I'll do it with my other in the morning".  Nope, nope, nope.  All that does is make me feel behind and like a slacker.

Drink lots of water.  I usually do pretty good with this one.  Even if I don't drink my usual litre and a half each day, this is so I'll drink at least a couple glasses, so I'll get something.

Exercise three times a week\Train to run a 10K.  Hopefully, once we get more settled, I'll do more, but this is so I don't set myself up for disaster.  

**Better to set smaller goals, and over-accomplish, than set huge ones, and get burnt out or feel like you're failing**

Originally, I had it set to get back into good running shape and run a 5K to start off, but unknowingly, I already ran 5K a few months ago (without too much pushing), so my goal is now 10K.

This blog, unlike my other one, is more wholly dedicated to diet and fitness, not my spiritual life\random ramblings, so just to clarify that my spiritual life is much more important to me - I just don't chronicle it here.

A couple weeks ago, I said that I was starting again with running, getting back into better diet, etc., but looking back, that wasn't the best time to say that, since we were in the middle of moving and all that.  Not a good time to try to run\do yoga so many times a week.  But, now is a good time.  I still can't fully get back to running quite yet, because we're still getting things unpacked and situated at our new house, but soon.  However, it's not too soon to start back to a better diet, and it's not too soon to become motivated within myself to do better, and not have to rely on others to keep me motivated.

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm a thin person.  I don't need to lose weight.  I just want to be healthier and stronger.  Just because a person is thin doesn't mean they're healthy.  Those two don't always go hand in hand.

So even if you want to lose weight, or just be all around healthier, now is a good time to start, am I right?

Who's with me?!


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