Jan 15, 2011

The Green Monster

Okay, so I tried it.  Only, I went by a different recipe, that called for spinach, bananas, and pineapple.  

I happily chopped up my spinach, piling it into the blender.  Then went bananas, pineapple, and more spinach.  It looked so fresh and pretty sitting there waiting to be blended.  My Mom walked by and didn't look impressed - she's never exactly been completely on the health wagon like I always am.

Me: "You are going to try a little, aren't you?"
Mom: "I'll try a tiiiny taste..."

...*blend blend blend*...

It tasted good!  It was more like a Green and Yellow Monster though, because of all the banana and pineapple.  Next time I make it, I'm definitely trying to recipe with cucumber and all that, and not adding banana.  I think I temporarily went mental when I put the banana in...I don't even like regular banana smoothies!

Will I try it again? Yes.  Will I put banana in? Absolutely not.  

If you're adventurous, I'd definitely recommend trying this.  I think this could be a great, healthy, and filling breakfast! 

Have any of you tried a Green Monster?  If you have, what did you think?


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